What the “The world's fastest property website” means

After the loading of the home page of LandOrProperty.com (“the Website”), property searches average twenty five milliseconds to display. When navigating within search results thereafter (whether logged on or logged off), it averages less than one millisecond to display the text for each property and the photograph for that property will take approximately one hundred milliseconds (or less) to display.

Google PageSpeed Insights, home page loading, property search results and property details are all faster than comparable speeds for twenty four other major UK property sites (and LandOrProperty.com is not aware of any faster site than the Website anywhere else in the world).

1. The fastest speed measurements figures for the Website described above do not apply when a Registered User navigates/modifies its own properties on the Website. These properties will take several hundred milliseconds to display/update.

2. Were made on 7th July 2021 using Google Chrome v9.1 on an HP notebook PC with Intel Core i7 64 bit 2.5GHz CPU/8GB RAM and using an internet connection with a download speed of 72.5 Mbps. For different internet connections the speed of navigation between properties should be the same but the time to display photographs may vary.

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"I am really impressed with your website and how well the uploading of photos works" (April 2020)