Licenced site for sale - already set up and including all source code - £25,000

Stay ahead of the real estate competition with a site licenced from this, "The World's Fastest Property Website". Take advantage of our unique client-side technology for ultra-fast search and display of properties. Property searches average just twenty five milliseconds to display and when navigating within search results it averages less than one millisecond to show the next property.

Google PageSpeed Insights, home page loading, property search results and property details are all faster than comparable speeds for twenty four other major UK property sites. We are not aware of any faster property site anywhere else in the world.

The website uses the latest modern technologies including .NET 5, C# 9 and Angular 12. The constant refinement and improvement over many years (25,000+ man-hours of work) has resulted in a very slick and stable platform. It is bug-free, extensively tested, mobile friendly and has many great reviews.

The price is for a perpetual/royalty-free/non-sublicensable/non-transferable/non-exclusive licence to use and modify the source code and database as you wish. The only visual requirement is the display of 'Powered by ©' in the footer. You will have an administrator account, internal messaging system and the ability to add unlimited user accounts for your organisation.

Your new website hosting accounts are already fully set up at

so you don't need any specialist technical knowledge to get started. All you need is to assign your chosen URL in the client-side hosting account, then add a reference to it in the server-side hosting account. The two accounts are included in the sale, so you can start listing properties immediately after the handover. You will also be provided with a document which explains all the steps which went into setting up the two hosting accounts. The document also contains some further instructions you will need to follow after the handover, but none of it is complex.

. The remainder of the £25,000 payment and transfer of the source code will be handled by our solicitors.